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JSK Hotels Donates Tons of Items to LTC!

JSK hotels donates items to Life Treatment Center
Pictured above are JSK staff members Jaylan Jaga (far left) and Erik Molineauz (second from right) with LTC’s Tim Smith (second from left) and Amy Grill Kalka (far right).
January 25, 2024 – 
Life Treatment Centers’ own Amy Grill Kalka noticed that some of the blankets that they had at LTC for their residents may not be good enough. So she decided to take them home and try them herself.
“I took a couple home and my husband and I used them,” she said. “They were so cheap and thin that I froze all night. So I came back the next day and told Tim (Smith; LTC CEO) that if they are not good enough for me, they are not good enough for our residents.”
Then she went to work to find something better. She reached out to LTC board president TJ Jorgensen who made the connection to JSK, who owns dozens of hotels in the Northern Indiana area. JSK’s VP of Operations Michael Blanton went to work and involved Marie Tokarz, the Director of Human Resources, and she went to work right away.
“When I learned about the people at Life Treatment Centers and what they do in this community, I had to find a way that we could support this wonderful cause,” Tokarz said. “It was a pleasure to work with the staff and we are looking forward to working with them more throughout the coming year and watching LTC continue to do great things in this community.”
JSK donated 30 body towels, 70 prepackaged razors, 100 toothpaste packets, 50 rags, 12 pillowcases, 8 brand new pillows and two huge bags of smaller-sized pillows, as well as a comforter.
“I cannot thank JSK enough for their incredible generosity,” Tim Smith added when receiving the items at Courtyard Marriott in downtown South Bend. “If these items are good enough for the hotel guests here locally, I know our residents will really enjoy them.”

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